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Renovation Part XXVI: Building the CNC and a Workbench

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Last week there was no update. From now on the updates will not be regular anymore. It is too cold to do renovation in the attic. Temperatures are between -12ºC and +2ºC these days.

But there are still plenty of other things that need to be done in the studio. I have built the CNC and got it working. There were a few small issues, one switch had a short-circuit. That was tricky to find, and a few wires from a stepper motor didn’t make good contact.

Here are some pics of the build:

I placed it on its table and it fits perfectly! The computer I’ve put on the workmate for now, I was looking for a definite solution and found it at IKEA. I did some tests and finally after a few hours I found those issues and did a test run.

I was looking for the best position for the CNC and decided to change the setup a bit from my original plans.

Then I finished the ceiling at the side of my stone wall. I filled the gap with foam and plaster. Then I mounted a rail to hang art works and stuff. I had only one rail, but this week I bought the 2nd one. The first thing I hung was a saw that I found in the attic during the clear-out. I restored it and it’s a memory of the house’s past 🙂

I also bought a curtain to keep the heat in the studio. The storage room is also very cold.

That was last week and this week I went to IKEA and OBI to buy the cabinet for the computer and some more stuff. I also found a bar stool that fits perfectly in my interior. The IKEA cabinet needed some color!

And I bought the 2nd Artiteq rail. Above the door is a little art work that I bought from a friend in the UK. It’s a Pacman made from electronic components. Here is the link to Paul’s shop: Bad Dog Designs.

Today I’ve built a workbench. I wanted it to be built in one day with the wood I have in stock and it had to be sturdy and look decent! You decide, I like it. A lower board will be added later, that I didn’t have.

Then I sanded it and forgot to take a pic of the end result 🙂 You’ll see it at the end.

Then I dismantled my old workbench. It served me well for a few years. It’s the old kitchen table with the old bedroom door on top. The kitchen table will get a new life as table for the table saw. I’ll build a workbench around it later

And here are a few pics of the studio at the moment. It’s getting full and it looks very nice. In February (hopefully) the band saw arrives and a few more small machines will be added. In 2023 it’s time to make some money in this studio. It was quite an investment.

Thanks for reading this long update.

またね (Until next time),

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