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Hello, I’m Ronald


ロナルド (ronarudo) is my name in Japanese. I was surprised that was available to buy, so I bought it directly. Ronarudo is also the Japanese translation for the famous Ronaldo.

My main profession is web and app developer and my site is In my spare time I’m creating small artworks using wood, glass, paper, paint and my 3D printers.

The artworks are my ideas and some of the 3D printed objects are ideas of other creative minds. If this is the case, I have an agreement with them to sell their products and I pay them a commission. The creator will be mentioned with the product. I also sell high resolution photos which are all taken by myself.

Born in The Netherlands, moved about 40 times in my life, ended up in Austria.

— Me

(Used-to-be) Homes


3D Printers

At the moment I have two 3D Printers, being an Ender 3 V1 and and Ender 3 V2. They are both working perfectly. I buy practically all my stuff at 3D Jake and my filament is mostly from and

My Furry Friends

My furry friends were born in Imus, The Philippines in 2011 and 2012. We used to have 8, they are now with 6. They travelled with me (with us) from The Philippines to Cambodia, to Thailand and just like me ending up in Austria. They have their own website here: The Traveling Cats.

Mama Lucky (RIP 2019)



Dancer (lost in Bangkok)