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Renovation Part XXV: A Mix of Tasks

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This week I really had a mix of tasks. Last Sunday I continued in the attic. I covered the roof with waterproofing membrane from URSA and this was one of the reasons to buy the Makita tacker πŸ™‚

I ran out of timber on Sunday evening, so it was time to stop.

I continued on Tuesday with the roof, stopped early because this rock-wool is itchy stuff!

On Wednesday afternoon my inner door arrived and I mounted it on Thursday. Aiko is afraid of the door…

It gives a bit more security and insulation against the cold outside. The outer door won’t be replaced soon, I’ll build it myself. Next week a security camera will be installed too.

Meanwhile I’m also prototyping a cellulose molecule model. It’s not yet the definite model and I sold it already πŸ™‚

Four of these will be made completely in wood in a setup with 3 smaller molecules.

Then on Friday my Stepcraft M700 CNC arrived. I expected this only at the end of next week.

I wanted the M1000, but I think my studio is too small for this and I do not have the need at the moment to make big pieces. I already have work for this machine, but it will be a serious task to learn the software to create abjects and the CNC software, handling, tools and possibilities. I need to carve the stands of the molecule models and engrave name plates for them.

I bought it as a kit, so I can learn about the machine. I know 0.0 about CNC operation, only know them from YouTube πŸ™‚

So, I decided to change plans a bit. Instead of continuing in the attic I made a table for the CNC. A few months ago I found an very old board in the attic and decided to upcycle it and use it for the table. It is exactly the size I need πŸ™‚

Last week I had some 10/10s delivered to create workbenches and I still had a board left over from my stairs, so together it became a nice and heavy table πŸ™‚

Give it some color πŸ™‚

And assemble it! I 3D printed some screw caps and it’s ready to have the CNC on top!

And this is the M700-kit:

While I was busy with the red stain, I also finished the trimmings around the window:

We’ll see what I do tomorrow!

Thanks for reading the news update.

またね (Until next time),

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