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Renovation Part V: Clearing Out the Attic

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This week I got rid of all the stuff in the attic and the former pigsty. We brought 4 full loads of trash to the dump. Most of it was wood, paper and old clothes. I never looked at anything of this stuff, it came with the house 5 years ago and it didn’t bother me.

This was the state of the attic before I started:

About 60 years ago this space used to be a pigsty, now its stacked with never-used stuff:

And this is how the attic looks like at the moment:

And the pigsty is empty too. Here we will mount the stairs going to the attic and a rack for wood storage will be put in place:

I didn’t find much usable stuff during the clear-out this week, the only 2 things worth mentioning are an old saw, which I will restore and use for decoration and an old door. Looking at the size I think this door must have been the bedroom door about 100 years ago. I’ll try to restore this door too. Splash used to sleep on this door, he looks a bit sad because I took his bed 🙂

Some of the rubble that I dug out last week got a new life around my fruit trees.

The renovation isn’t going very fast, but I’m satisfied with the result so far. I don’t have a car, so I’m very glad my neighbour helped me getting rid of all this stuff!

またね (Until next time),

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