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Renovation Part IV: Digging, a lot of digging

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This week I didn’t have the most pleasant job of this renovation, but it had to be done. The studio-to-be is empty now. What’s up with the chair? Read until the end 🙂

Now I have to remove all the floor tiles and save as much as possible of the gravel on which the tiles were installed on. I will be needing that later for my terrace next to the garden cabin.

And then… let the digging begin. I need to dig out about 25cm of soil. And Splash is watching me!

Most of the soil is used around the cabin, the rest is dumped elsewhere in my garden for later use.

About 100 wheelbarrow loads laterrr. Checking with a laser whether I have been digging enough this week (all with hand-tools)!

And yes, it’s sufficient for now. More accurate digging next week when my neighbour comes to the rescue!

Coffee break with Aiko. And I had a lot of coffee breaks this week!!

It’s about 15:30 today and actually I was going to end this news post here. But I am very excited to share what happened the rest of the afternoon. It needs to be a very special studio, and for one of the walls I already have the idea fixed in my head. I really love the traditional type of buildings in my area. Let me show to you what I mean:

This type of patterns with washed granite stones you’ll find mostly on old and traditional buildings, usually at the outside of the wall. But I want to have this inside!

This wall has to become a piece of art:

I am very grateful that the owners have built this wall with very beautiful granite stones. This happened at least 325 years ago! This wall used to be at the outside.

Afterwards they’ve attached a wooden shed to the house. This is a photo of Königswiesen in 1941. At this time the shed is still made of wood.

I think in the 1950’s they’ve changed the shed partly to a stone construction. I discovered a few gems, oh what a beautiful stones. I will not cover them up with concrete, plaster or wood. This wall has to become a traditional wall!

I cleaned some of the stones which will be visible forever. I think in the end there will be about 10 stones visible:

This wall needs a lot of repair work and the end result will only be in a few months from today. It’s about 20:00 now, I took a shower and afterwards I took a chair to have a front-row seat and see this result in my dreams.

Thanks for reading this story.

またね (Until next time),

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