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Renovation Part VI: The First Construction Works

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This week we made the concrete foundation for the outer wall which gets a new wooden construction on top of it. In the photo above Oue is assisting with those terrible — too heavy — 40kg concrete bags!

I’m very fortunate that I live only 200 meters away from the hardware store. Despite I only live in a small village, we have a Lagerhaus in Königswiesen. They have a basic choice of construction materials and they deliver by forklift!

Start digging again 🙂

We also filled the gaps of the back wall and started with the repair of inner wall.

And this is te result of this week:

I also started removing the ugly eternit wall cladding! I will only remove the cladding at the part of my new studio for now, most likely the rest will follow next year. The ‘new’ (probably from the 1950s) part of the house has a finished concrete wall and the original 325+ years old wall is made from granite and clay.

Also in this wall I will make some granite stones visible and the rest of the wall will become white. The window above the door will disappear and a new window will be created next to the door in the ‘new’ part.

The small window will also go, but the gap will be a resting place for the cats. Umeko likes to sleep there when the sun is shining. This wall is 60cm thick, 20cm will be filled
with bricks and 40cm is for the cats place. (I can’t find a photo of Umeko in this place, here you see Aiko).

Again happy with the result this week!

またね (Until next time),

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