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Lego Inspired 3D Printed Clock

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2020, the year I was almost completely unemployed! But something magic happened. I discovered Matt Denton’s YouTube Channel. What the bleep was this guy doing? He was printing #megaLego. The most interesting item he designed was a Lego Inspired 3D printed clock. How amazing is this! I have a 3D printer, I had it already since 2018, but not really found a good purpose for it. I designed and printed stuff for in and around my house, but that was it.

I love Lego and I have loads of it, this certainly kept me busy in 2020! So I decided to do some test prints and I bought Matt’s clock design at Threeding. If you’re interested in printing a beautiful Lego Inspired 3D Printed Clock, you can buy it here: Lego Inspired Gear Clock. Matt is creating all kinds of crazy stuff with his 3D printers. Check out his YouTube Channel and enjoy the show!

Lego Inspired 3D printed Clock

If you don’t have a 3D printer, you can buy the clocks in my web shop.There are a few different designed clocks using all kinds of Lego. I’ll create more of them in the coming weeks. If you have custom requests, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

That’s it! Until next time,

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