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3D Printed Holder for my Glasses

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Hello, a very short blog post this week. I always have my glasses lying around somewhere. So it was time to design a 3D printed holder for my glasses.

When I bought my first 3D printer, it was almost used every day to print things to use in and around the house. Since a year or so I use them also to print commercially and sell 3D printed goods. But I am still using it very regularly to print stuff that I cannot buy, or I do not want to pay for it online. Or simply because I would like to have something in a different design and/or colour.

3D printed Holder for my Glasses

3D printed Holder with Glasses

That brings us to the print of today: The 3D Printed holder for my glasses. It’s simple and colourful, you can choose your own colours of course. As you can see it’s not one size fits all. I made this holder for my yellow glasses.

You can download the STL files here: STL files for the glasses holder. The iris.stl and the pupil.stl you need to print twice, the rest once. I printed it on my Ender 3 V2. It’s a tight fit and I used some glue. I hope you’re inspired and maybe you will design your own holder for your glasses.

またね (Until next time),

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