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Renovation: The New Office is Taking Shape

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This week it wasn’t very cold and I had a few days to work on my new office.

I already started insulating the roof last year and this week I finished the insulation and the whole office is now covered in OSB.

First I finished the highest part of the roof:

Then I created a sort of elevation at the back wall. This elevation will give space to a small bench in the corner near the window and my Ikea Kallax shelving which is now in my 3D printer room.

Then I covered the wall with the small window. As you can see I used everywhere 12cm thick mineral wool from Knauf and on top of that 3 cm thick polystyrene boards. Plenty of insulation!

Then I moved all the stuff to the other side so that I could do the lower part of the roof. Same process: roof membrane, wool, foam boards and OSB.

Then I’ve built one side of the inner wall. At the other side of this wall comes a workbench to host my 3D printers.

When this wall was ready I created a small storage space in the lowest part of the roof. Against this wall my office desk will be mounted.

And then it was Saturday evening 10PM. Time to stop. Next phase is to finish the electric wiring in the office. Most of it will be arranged in this storage space and behind the inner wall.

This is the result for this week. It will be much colder next weeks and I have plenty of other tasks, so I’m not yet sure when I will continue working on my office and 3D printer room.

The goal is to have it completely finished in April.

Thanks for reading the update 🙂

またね (Until next time),

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