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Renovation Part XXII: The Storage Staircase

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A custom made staircase is very expensive. My space is limited and I also need lots of storage for tools ‘n stuff!

The best solution was to build it myself. As you have seen in my last post, I started last week with building it. I designed it in Fusion 360, free 3D modelling software.

I was almost able to finish it last Sunday. This was Sunday’s result:

On Tuesday evening I was able to finish the staircase and sanded it completely.At the back of the staircase I will mount a board where my sharpening machine will get its place and I’ve built in 3 power outlets.

Thursday my Plissé shades arrived. These are glued into the window frame:

On Friday the oil for the staircase arrived. This is a special kind of oil, mixed with resin. I bought it here:

After about an hour you have to polish it with a soft cloth and then let it dry for a day.

Today the 2nd layer went on, I didn’t take a picture.

Most of today I’ve spent cutting the remainder of the old wood to pieces.

The shed is not completely full, but it looks much better and tidy now! I have firewood for 2 winters I think, I don’t use a lot because my house is heated with IR heating panels and I only have a small wood stove in my bedroom.

Not sure what will happen next week. This depends on the weather. I am programming for 2.5 days, start working on my molecule project for one day and snow is expected at the end of the week. Tomorrow (Sunday) might be a good day for laying pavers.

We’ll see. Thanks for reading 🙂

またね (Until next time),

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