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Renovation Part XX: Shopping

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Twenty weeks into this renovation and this was a special week. Last Tuesday I went to my favourite shop in Austria!

But first… Sunday I worked on the parquet wall in the storage room:

On Mondays I work on a software project, called the R24k Travel Manager and then on Tuesday it was time to go buy some machines. I visited this shop 5 years ago and since then I actually wanted a woodturning lathe. So we went to Salzburg, to Neureiter in Kuchl to be exact. About 220km from home. My neighbour drove.

A big shop full of magnificent tools at decent prices:

They are dealer of Felder/Format-4/Hammer machines. The Hammer range is for semi-professionals, the other ones are for industry and pros. I actually wanted a A3-26 thicknesser-planer, but my studio is too small.

A good band saw is a must and I ordered the N4400. Unfortunately it won’t be delivered before Feb-2023.

I bought the Drechselmeister MIDI PRO and this one we took with us. They had a nice promotion with a few extra options in a set. I bought a sharpening system with it and a woodturning tools set from Crown.

Furthermore I bought a Festool Domino DF-500 Q-set and a box of dominos. My neighbour bought a few Makita tools and by noon we went back home. We’ll be back in Feb. to pick up the N4400, a 170kg beast!

We were back home around 14:00 and then I’ve assembled the lathe.

And of course my friend Aiko is not far away 🙂

On Wednesdays I do programming work and Thursday was a very beautiful day to finish the facade. This silicone stuff and the granite stones are a perfect combination.

I still need to clean the granite stones and finish the cat-house. Hopefully that can be done next week. And I need to mount a wooden frame between the old wall cladding and new part of the facade. I like this facade so much that I most likely will do my whole house like that (next year?).

Today in the afternoon I worked on the shelving that will be built in the parquet wall in the storage room.

I don’t have a miter saw, but all went well with my plunge/track saw. I’ve never built furniture like that. The tools and way of working are all a learning process, as most of this renovation is.

The dry-fit looks VERY ok 🙂

I’ve made a slit in the panels to place the back-panel. This panel is ordered and the whole piece will be assembled next week.

I used the Festool domino for the first time and this piece of machinery is well worth the money! I tried it out on a piece of scrap wood and then on my frame-work.

Aiko thinks the dominos are cat food.

The Bessey clamps are great for this job. It’s only a dry-fit for now. When the back-panel is here the whole piece will be glued together.

And Cotton thinks the shelves are for him.

This is how the studio looks like at the moment. What a difference with 20 weeks ago. One thing is the same; the work-bench. That’s the old kitchen table with the bedroom door on top 🙂

I’m still in doubt what to do with the work bench. Buy one, or make one. A good one is expensive, but making one is very time consuming. For the rest, the studio will be slowly filled with tools and machines. The table saw I have already, and for this tool I need to make a table too.

The planer and thicknesser are also not available before December, but I expect it will be February. So a few essential tools are not yet here.

Next weekend I have an interesting (long waited for) meeting, which could mean a decent amount of work for a long-term project 🙂

Thanks for reading this post again.

またね (Until next time),

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