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Renovation Part XVII: Parquet on the Wall

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The studio gets parquet on the first wall. Two more walls to go.

But before that I have to create a lot of dust! I had to grind the doorway to size. The old doorway was crooked in all directions. The new built frame is straight, so now all is ok and ready for future cladding.

After cleaning I installed the first piece of equipment 🙂 . The air filter. I saw a few good reviews of this filter and I only have a small space, so it should be sufficient. Oue was very curious.

Then I started preparing to glue the parquet on the wall. But first I unpacked a new tool. Many of the tools I bought or am going to buy are completely new to me. I never used such tools in my life, so time to read the manual of the Makita plunge saw with track. Now it was Snoozie’s turn to be curious.

I took my Hegner scroll saw to cut the irregular edges and let’s start!

Thursday the weather was very beautiful and finally I could work with my neighbour on the wall of the terrace.

After that the concrete could harden until Friday and I finished the parquet until late in the evening:

The result is amazing and only needs to be finished with acrylic caulk. That will be done when all the walls are covered.

On Friday it was time again to work outside. We created the next step of the terrace wall and I levelled out the rubble and soil in front of the studio:

Today (Saturday) I continued with a bit of outside work, couldn’t do more outside, there was no more gravel in stock at the local store. 1 m3 will be delivered next week. Meanwhile Oue & Snoozie are enjoying the sun.

Next week (if the weather is ok) we will finish the terrace and start with rendering the facade of the studio. I also am going to start programming 3 days per week, so less time for my renovation.

It was again a good week, thanks for reading 🙂

またね (Until next time),

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