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Renovation Part XV: Preparing Electricity

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Most of this week I’ve spent on preparing the wiring for the electricity.

But first I’ve painted the storage room. And as usual Aiko comes to inspect my work πŸ™‚

Then I stained the beams and put 2 layers of clear-coat on them. This room is finished for now. All the finishings I’ll make when my table saw and other tools are installed.

Since I don’t have much space it’s a bit of a hassle to move my materials every time. Now I can move a lot of my stuff to the the storage room to make space and work in the studio:

Most of the wiring for the electricity is in the attic, I forgot to take pictures of this so that will be in one of the next posts.

In the studio I tested the setup for the ceiling lamps and decided to change it a bit.

I had 4 of those lamps but unfortunately one fell on the floor during installation. I ordered 5 more. Two will be mounted between the beams, so plenty of light!

The wiring is also ready so far, so I can start with insulation and mounting OSB on the first wall. This wall is the easiest one. I decided to start here:

That was easy, now OSB and power outlets. For the lower part I used styrofoam boards, I don’t want to lose more space. The studio is so small already.

Against this wall I will put my surfacer/planer. I did not yet decide which one. This depends a bit on the budget. I would prefer a Hammer A3-26, or otherwise a Bernardo AD 260S – 400V

This wall gets a laminate cladding, that’s for later. Time to move some wood:

The back wall is tricky, no 90ΒΊ angles, nothing is straight about this wall. I need to think about this tomorrow, but first I will paint the project wall!

That’s it, it was a nice week πŸ™‚

またね (Until next time),

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