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Renovation Part XIX: EasyFloor

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Although I didn’t spend many hours on the renovation this week, the looks of the inside as well as the outside changed a lot. πŸ™‚

On Sunday I’ve completed the last parquet wall.

Then there was still some time left to finish the terrace. The weather was very nice and the cats enjoyed it too.

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening I made the window frame and window board:

On Friday I’ve put the primer on the facade and it looks great πŸ™‚ One more layer to go, this will be done when the weather allows it.

Friday evening I filled the cat-paw prints in the concrete.

This morning (Saturday) it was time for the floor. I’ve bought this floor at

It was indeed easy to lay this floor, but since there are no 90ΒΊ corners in the studio, it was a serious puzzle to calculate the position to start.

I made markings on the concrete already before ordered the tiles. I first put a foam mat on the concrete, the floor isn’t exactly level and it gives a bit of insulation.

And of course, Aiko couldn’t mis the event!

I had to cut 30 out of the 72 tiles to size and all went well.

The result is amazing. The white wall gets a matching rubber skirting board which I also ordered at EasyFloor, the parquet walls stay like that.

The construction of the studio is for 99% finished. I still need to add some trimmings on the ceiling, but I don’t know yet what will be the most elegant solution.

This doesn’t mean the studio is finished, far from that! I decided that I will make most of the furniture such as workbenches and small storage myself. I think this will take me many more months to do, bit by bit.

This evening I continued in the storage room. I made 2 LED strips to size and tomorrow I hope to finish this wall, afterwards the electricity can be connected to the breaker board.

That’s it for this week, next week will be special! Stay tuned πŸ™‚

またね (Until next time),

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