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Renovation Part XIV: Working on the Storage Room

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This week I worked 5 days on the storage room.

Last Sunday I had a pleasant surprise. The woman from whom I bought this house was visiting me. She and her aunt (89 years old) really liked that I was renovating the house they grew up in. Her aunt lived here until 1958 but I don’t know exactly until when she lived here. I think she moved out about 45 years ago.

Her other aunt lived here until December 2015. She died at the age of 91. Then the house was empty for almost 2 years until I moved in in August 2017.

So on Sunday I finished rendering the walls with cement.

And on Tuesday I plastered them with chalk. And NO, I don’t want boring straight walls. The way I render and plaster those walls gives them more character I think and reveals something about their past.

Then I took the laser and levelled the ceiling beams:

Measured the position of the OSB wall:

And measured the position of the stairs. Aiko finds the laser a very interesting toy 🙂 (the green laser doesn’t harm him)

On Friday I wanted to sand the walls, but the chalk was not yet dry, so I decided to install the OSB flooring, with a gap for the staircase.

Today (Saturday the chalk still wasn’t completely dry, but I was able to sand about 95% of the walls.

Then I made the OSB wall and you’ll see on the 3rd picture that I started painting. This OSB wall gets a built-in tool cabinet.

OSB is a handy construction material but it is as ugly as shit! So all the OSB that I will use will be covered with something. It’s very hard to find suitable material, or it’s way too expensive. I’ll figure it out…

This wall will be covered with parquet. I bought about 30 m2 of this stuff, which will be used in my new office on the top floor and the rest will used as wall-cladding.

That’s it for this week, tomorrow I’ll paint and work on the electricity. Thanks for reading this post.

またね (Until next time),

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