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Renovation Part XIII: Change of Plans

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I decided to change the plan a bit.

The former pigsty, wasn’t a pigsty at all it seems. The old neighbour who lives in Vienna was visiting this week. She’s 80+ and told me that there were a few goats in this space and that the pig was living in the larger part where my studio will be.

So I was planning to cover all the walls of the goat stable with OSB. But I like the plastering so much that I decided to plaster 3 of those walls.

I plastered the doorway this week and this is almost finished. The doorway will get saloon doors. And I tried to sand the plastered wall with my Mirka sander. That went well too. All the walls are prepared with Mapei Prim Grip. This is excellent stuff, the cement sticks very well to it.

So here is the progress of the rendering, unfortunately it’s not yet finished. I worked until 9PM this evening.

And this week they delivered about 75 m2 of insulation and 55 OSB boards.

Only a short update this week. I don’t work full-time on the renovation anymore, I started programming again for 2 days per week.

またね (Until next time),

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