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Renovation Part VIII: Concrete and much more

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We made a lot of progress this week. To start with, we mounted the new beams for the ceiling.

And Tuesday we poured the concrete for the first part of the floor. This went really very smoothly within 2 hours time. The tractor goes to get a load of cement, sand and gravel about 300 meters away from my home. He did 7 trips for about 2.2 m3. We were finished around noon time.

But then… Fresh concrete and 6 cats roaming in and around the house is asking for trouble 🙂 Cotton had to try it out of course. I could follow the foot prints all the way to the kitchen.

Then we filled the gaps in the wall with cement and bricks, and removed the old beams. Oh what a nice space we created!

Meanwhile I also started a YouTube channel. I have problems with my current computer, so I can’t edit the videos. So for now only short and unedited videos will be uploaded until I have my new Macbook Pro. Here is the link to my channel, feel free to subscribe if you want. Thanks 🙂 ロナルド on Youtube.

Now it was time to sand all the planks and the beams to prepare for painting. I bought a new sander, and WOW, what a nice tool. In combination with my shop-vac I don’t have any dust at all and the result is fast and amazing. I bought a Mirka Deros 560 and I am going to write more about this tool later. I 3D printed an adapter to connect the tool with the shop-vac.

Time to stain the beams, paint all the planks (twice) and add a protecting coating on the beams. My neighbours were surprised that I am painting the wood.

In this picture you see the difference: Left -> painted twice, middle -> natural not sanded, right -> painted once. It seems pretty obvious that I paint them twice and sand them lightly with 320 grit after the first layer.

And now the cherry on the cake for this week: Red ceiling beams (picture taken at 8PM today). Oh so beautiful. This week I came to the idea to stain those beams red. But had no clue how this would look like. So I Googled ‘red ceiling beams’. And to my surprise I only found a few images! In combination with white it really looks amazing. Now I really have to keep my studio as clean as possible. That will not be easy with all the dust producing machinery 🙂

red ceiling beams

Ok, that’s it for this week. Tomorrow I’ll finish the second layer of transparent white on the planks and prepare everything to have them installed on Monday by my carpenter-neighbour!

またね (Until next time),

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